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Shiny!: Can we all please stop pussy-footing around the issue of pregnancy being a dangerous and scary medical condition?





Because it is.

And if you’re taking birth control to prevent pregnancy then I would categorize that as taking BC for a valid medical reason. It’s the same as anyone taking BC for endo, cysts, hormonal imbalance, acne, etc.

I’m just sick of this underlying theme in the health insurance BC coverage debate. Women declaring that “But we’re not using it to prevent pregnancy! We have medical reasons!” They are the same thing. You are not better than the woman who takes BC primarily to prevent pregnancy simply because you take it to treat your endo.

Ok? ok.

The point of the “It’s not just for preventing pregnancies” thing is because the people who are trying to pass laws against it because they view it as simply birth control. Everyone knows it prevents births, it’s right there in the name, but people are too willingly ignorant to know that people take it for other reasons.

No one is “pussy-footing” around the issue, it’s just so plainly obvious, and people are so deeply ignorant of the fact that not everyone who uses BC does so just because they don’t want to be a baby factory.

No one is claiming to be “better” than any one just because some people need it hammered into their heads that just because it’s called “birth control” doesn’t mean that’s it’s only use. I think maybe you’re missing the point of why the other uses have to be mentioned at all.

OK? Ok.

What she said^^^^

No, see there is a problem. A lot of people assume pregnancy and childbirth are safe now and that taking birth control to prevent pregnancy is a matter of convenience, not something that is done for our health.

A lot of people still think that abortion is more dangerous than pregnancy and childbirth when the exact opposite is true.

So, yes, I am pretty tired of people pulling away from the pregnancy issue. Yes, we need to educate about all the other reasons BC is useful and necessary. We also need to make it clear that pregnancy is dangerous. Pregnancy is a medical condition that has a large risk of death. 

We need to make it clear that our ability to choose when or if we become pregnant is not simply about timing our families and careers, but that avoiding unwanted pregnancies is something we need to be able to do to remain healthy.

This is actually something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently when it comes to the framing of arguments in favour of birth control.  It’s true that it’s used to help with health problems other than preventing pregnancy, and that is a really important thing to note!  That’s what I used it for too.

A problem I’ve been seeing, though, is people using its alternate uses in a method to moralize its usage.  I’ve seen this a lot in that whole issue with Sandra Fluke, actually.  I think it’s important to make clear that though it is used for other things, birth control used in order to prevent pregnancy is in no way immoral or unacceptable, and that it should be covered by health insurance even if its sole use is to prevent pregnancy.  Perhaps saying that women may use it for other things helps legitimize its use in the eyes of some, but I think it should be covered with the acknowledgment that yes, it is used to prevent pregnancy and for reproductive freedom, and that’s just fine.  Having sex isn’t a bad thing, and using medicine in order to protect yourself isn’t at all an immoral thing.

(basically I agree with the above poster)